Walton Riverbend Estates Community - County of Brant, Ontario, Canada


Letter Submitted to Mayor and Council
August 13, 2012

Walton submitted a letter to Mayor Eddy and Members of Council to provide a written update on the status of the Walton Riverbend Estates Community and to request a confirmation of the next steps and a commitment to a schedule for a formal decision on the applications.

Website Launched
June 19, 2012
This website was launched as part of Walton’s commitment of open communication with the Brant community and is a resource for the Walton Riverbend Estates community, providing access to studies on planning, servicing and transportation, and information on upcoming events, meetings and next steps.

Community Open House
May 29, 2012

A community open house was hosted by Walton at the Agnes G. Hodge Elementary School to review the planning process, reflect the community’s input and to introduce the revised plan of subdivision for the Walton Riverbend Estates community.


Next Steps 

Step Date Complete
Preparation of detailed engineering plans by Stantec Consulting Ltd. and review by County of Brant staff Upcoming   
Two Statutory Public Meeting pursuant to the Planning Act to be held by County of  Brant Council  Upcoming   
Servicing Report  to be presented  to the Public Works Committee or Corporate Development Committee of the County of Brant Council  Upcoming   
Review of revised Draft Plan of Subdivision by County Staff, Conservation Authority and Ministry of Environment Ongoing  
Walton submitted the revised Draft Plan of Subdivision June 29, 2012
A Community Open House was hosted by Walton May 29, 2012 
Walton met with 25 Individuals and groups in the Tutela Heights community  December – May 2012 
Walton met with County of Brant Council  November 2011 
The third public consultation meeting for the Tutela Heights Area Study was held September 2011 
The revised draft plan of subdivision was submitted to County of Brant Council July 2011 
The second public consultation meeting for the Tutela Heights Area Study was held June 2011 
Walton held the first public consultation meeting for the Tutela Heights Area Study  April 2011 
Walton submitted the original draft plan of subdivision to County  September 2010